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Identity in Crisis: Game-Based Learning

Role: Learning Experience Designer Organisation: UNESCO MGIEP

Product: Game-Based Courses Duration: July 2019

instructional design • curriculum design • game-based learning


Social Emotional Learning Through Game-Based Learning: Migration, Home, Identity Course available upon signing up here:

Featured on: Games for Change 2020 Piloted with 200 learners

Bury me, my Love is the story of Nour, a young Syrian woman who flees war-ravaged Syria alone to rebuild a life in Europe. Inspired by real-life experiences of refugees, this interactive-fiction game puts you in the shoes of Majd, her husband, who has to make critical choices that affect Nour’s journey and by extension, their life.

The interactive game-based course Bury me, my Love: Identity in Crisis is designed for students between the ages of 14 and 18 and incorporates elements of MGIEP’s Libre process — storytelling, gamification, inquiry, reflection, and dialogue.

The learner will:

  • explore concepts of migration, home, belonging, and identity.

  • build social-emotional skills of empathy, mindfulness, compassion, and critical inquiry.

  • understand the Syrian refugee crisis with a global context

  • examine the impact of the refugee crisis on an individual’s life and aspirations


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