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Visiting Faculty: Paradigms of Play at NID

Role: Visiting Faculty Organisation: National Institute of Design

Course Title: Playing with Play: People, Place, Pieces, Phases, Purpose Duration: Feb 2022

workshop design • course design and delivery • curriculum design


National Institute of Design is the finest internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research institutions for Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated (Experiential) Design.

Here is the course flyer.

Co-designed and co-instructed with design educator Siddhi Gupta, a one-of-a-kind 50 hrs curriculum called "Playing with Play: People, Pieces, Places, Phases, and Purpose." Taught 16 Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of diverse disciplines through 15+ hands-on exercises and mini-design challenges to spark thoughts, ideas and projects on play.

The course resulted in 50+ projects that experimented with play in different contexts and purposes, all done in a span of two weeks.


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