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Tilli: Play + SEL

Role: Product and Learning Design Lead Organisation: Tilli

Product: B2B and B2C Duration: Dec-March 2022

product design • social-emotional learning • game design • learning experience design


Tilli is a play-based, AI powered social-emotional learning tool for 5–10-year-olds, to build empathy, critical thinking, and metacognition. The UNICEF-funded startup is located in San Francisco, USA.

As a part of the product team, I achieved the following:

- Created 3 digital interactive learning modules of ~5 hrs to inculcate social-emotional learning & critical thinking in a hybrid context within classrooms

- Gamified aspects of each learning module using stories and activities

- Delivered 2 workshops to launch Tilli in Sri Lanka with over 550+ learners and educators

- Ideated and collaborated w

ith the development team to inform MVP (Minimal Viable Product) of an SEL game for early learners

- Co-designed and developed learning kits and physical games comprising of card decks and worksheets for 5-10 year olds.

The products constituted of different components of play:

(i) Physical Play: Play-based learning through board games, card decks and fun printables on SEL.

(ii) Digital Game-Based Learning in the Classroom: Created interactive learning modules that are to be facilitated by a teacher in the classroom.

(iii) 1:1 Game Experience Design: Crafted the initial idea of a narrative for a mobile-based game that combines the learning goals with interactive storytelling and game mechanics.


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