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Game on Reproductive Healthcare

Client: Katha India Type: Game Design Duration: April 2018 game design • visual narratives • storytelling


Game as an Extended Narrative

As a part of the award-winning app - KathaKhazana, that was led by me (see the entire project here), I lead the design and development of a game based on the Katha publication , "One Magical Morning." The story follows an absurd sequence of events wherein Jishnu gets pregnant following his sexist comments about not wanting a daughter in the family. Now having to face the same plight of pregnancy, Jishnu slowly turns into a new leaf.

The game's objective was to see whether the children had understood the hidden curriculum, while retaining its playfulness.

Watch it here:

Design Research

Tamasha magazines which were published by Katha in 1998 were referred to for the activities that were used in print. The major challenge was to transfer it onto a digital platform and still make it interactive and educative.

Words and Linguistics

I collaborated with a teacher to create word-nets that would relate all familiar words, the words used in the writing of the game was an extension of the ones in the story so that a child reaches an overall number of 600 words.


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