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E-Learning & Teacher Training Platform

Client: Katha India Type: Website Design Duration: Aug '18 - Nov '18 UI/UX • Product Strategy • User Research


E-Learning Platform

As a collaborative project between two major partners and Katha, I was heading the design and development of an e-learning platform that would cater to enhancing reading and improving vocabulary of 4-12 year old children. The platform would have an inbuilt sentiment analysis and improve SPICE (social, personal, intellectual, cultural and environmental) skills among children. The platform would also serve as a place where teachers can learn how to imbibe Story Pedagogy (learning through fictional storytelling) in the classroom and train them through modules.

The major motive is to reach 300 million children across India and to build an interactive and immersive experience.


In the research phase, major focus was on finding the best tool of disseminating the content (phones, desktops, projectors, offline/online usage) because the users would not have direct access to technology.

Market research was done to find out existing learning & training platforms and how it was being scaled in remote and rural areas.

User Research

As the users were children, teachers, schools and volunteers, an in-depth analysis was done to cull their characteristics and how such distinct users could be seamlessly united on a single platform.

We realised that the content part (games, videos) would have to be playful and the teacher's area would be simple, straightforward and easy to use. Also, the platform would give access to student's records of the concerned teacher if a particular school is registered. Motivational incentives, in the form of audio/ stars/ leaderboards was also decided upon.


The designs were kept playful and symbolic so that the interface being used by a child would be playful enough to enter into.


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