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Dyslexia Screening App - IEarU

Role: UI/ UX Designer Company: UNESCO MGIEP Product: IEarU Mobile App Duration: July 2018 character design research • user experience • storytelling


At UNESCO MGIEP, I worked as a UI/UX Designer in a team that consisted of one neuroscientist, one educator and one developer on a project to develop and design a mobile application that houses the first digital dyslexia screening tool in Hindi and English.

Through fictional storytelling and the development of a character called 'Koko', the entire screening toolkit was gamified and made fun and engaging. The parts of the game were divided into three lands that the protagonist character was visiting and collecting words from.

The app is to be used by the caregiver with a child, hence, the instructions at the beginning are clear and straightforward. As the screening assessment is lengthy, it has been gamified using progress bars, leaderboards, collection of stars and fun microinteractions by the user.


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