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Chill Pill: UNFPA

Client: United Nations Population Fund Type: Social Innovation Duration: March '16 - '17 UI/ UX • design research • conceptualization


During my time at the Young India Fellowship, a team comprising of me and two other members worked on building a meaningful technological solution - called Chill Pill - to address issues of stress amongst urban adolescents. This was a one-year project, a part of our Experiential Learning Module (ELM).

The Challenge

More than 33% of the disease burden and almost 60% of premature deaths among adults can be associated with behaviour or conditions that began or occurred during adolescence. Today, rapidly changing lifestyles are impacting the health of adolescents in many ways, with growing incidence of mental health problems being a big reason to worry about.


To develop a solution that uses technology and engagement in a manner that makes discussions and learning self-perpetuating, with minimal investments required to keep the solution operational in the long run. At one level, the solution needs to trigger proactive, positive and informed discussions amongst adolescents on issues and solutions related to mental health. At another level, the solution should facilitate those who need professional help to find people and places where such help is available.



• 13-20 year old student enrolled in school/ university

• Residing in a tier-1 city

• Has access to a smartphone & is tech-savvy User Research, Key Insights and Questions Information collected through surveys and user interviews to understand key sources of stress and popular ways of relieving it. We interviews students at Ashoka University and consulted psychologists and psychotherapists while developing a solution.

• Students need a safe space on the internet, a recreative space to relax, an outlet where they can talk, without fear of being judged

• Cyberbullying & Cybercrime itself a source of stress: Can technology find a reasonable solution?

• A mobile application can be an aid not a replacement for medical help.

Chill Pill: An Art Therapy App

• Art therapy app that throws prompts based on your mood

• The mood is detected through the kind of colours painted in the last painting

• An application to relax: prevention of stress by relaxing oneself

• Forum to connect with others by sharing your artwork

• Calming UI and simple to use UX with minimal features

At UNFPA Office in Delhi


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