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Character Design: Tobakachi

Client: Katha India Type: Illustration Duration: 1.5 weeks character design • visual narratives • illustration


As a part of the award-winning app, KathaKhazana and the game, Lachchmi's War, I designed the two characters of the villain and the protagonist.

Chiefly, two characters were to be illustrated. The target audience was 4-12 year old children, and because the game was to be on a mobile app, the illustration had to be in flat design and light in size. The characters were to be based on a Katha published story ‘Lachmi’s War’.

Being a villain, I wanted Tobakachi’s character design to be devoid of any socio-cultural discriminations or biases that were depicted symbolically in the printed version.

In this flat design, all those things, for example, the skeleton pendant and the earrings, were done away with and instead of feet, a motile worm-like motion was given to the monster.

This was to make it humorous for the children while keeping the idea of a monster as an

abstract concept.


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