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Reimagining the Platform Game: Save a Book, Save a Life

Client: Katha India Type: Game Design Duration: April 2018 game design • visual narratives • storytelling


Game as an Extended Narrative

As a part of the award-winning app - KathaKhazana (see the project here), that was led by me during my stint at Katha as the Digital Products Manager, I led the design and development of a 2D game for 4-12 year olds based on story "Lachchmi's War."

Lacchmi's War is an illustrated Katha story wherein the protagonist, Lachchmi is a young changemaker who mobilises communities to battle evils like lack of access to education, gender equality that comes in the form of the various disguises of the villain - the monster called Tobakaachi.

Tackling monsters, collecting books

The storyline of the game extends the narrative further - Tobakaachi has stolen all the books from the school and now children don't have anything to read! It is now upto Lachchmi to collect them all and save the library. The game instills values of reading, books, education, libraries and helping the community at large.

The character design - wherein taking inspiration from the print version characters - flat and minimal designs were created by me. See the character design project here. <add link here>


We knew that the game was a hit in the entire application when the children could not stop playing it!


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